Dec 11 2012

Tips Needed for a Ski Vacation at Big Sky Resort

Our family has traveled much of the United States in the past twelve years, but we have a new type of adventure coming our way, and I’d appreciate any help the experts can give.

We’ve been invited to spend a few days at Big Sky Resort, skiing and checking out the other activities offered there.

The problem?  My kids have never been on skis, and the last time my husband and I attempted it was 20 years ago.

The good folks at Big Sky have assured us that this will not be a problem and that we’ll be just fine and have a great time, but all the same, I like to be a wee bit prepared.

So, while we’ve got a pretty good handle on winter road trip preparations, we could use some advice on Ski Resorts 101, things like:

  • What to pack for a ski trip.  (Until last week when I happened upon them in a store, I didn’t know there were socks especially made for skiing.)
  • How not to get hurt.  (We’ve visited emergency rooms in several states, but I’d prefer to leave Montana off the list.)
  • What activities we should absolutely be sure to do.  (My girls:  “Mom, can we go to the spa? . . .  Mom, what’s a spa?”  Maybe we don’t have to put the spa at the top of our list.)
  • How to best capture the memories.  (My husband is still trying to figure out my Christmas gift–should I tell him I need some special kind of camera for the trip?)
  • What to expect weather-wise.  (Is Montana mountain territory similar to Minnesota farm country?)
  • General ski advice, or specific advice regarding Big Sky Resort.
  • Any other tips for making our first ski trip a lot of fun.

Since this is all new to us, I’m pretty sure it’s going to be a blast, but a good trip can be made all the better with a little insider information.  If you know anything about skiing, would you be willing to share a tip or two in the comments?  When we get back, I promise I’ll tell you all about it.

P.S. I asked some family travel blogging friends if they’d written any posts to get me started.  Here’s some of the advice they shared.

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2 Comments to “Tips Needed for a Ski Vacation at Big Sky Resort”

  1. Kara Williams on 11 Dec 2012 at 1:57 pm

    Re: capturing memories, I find I do best with the slimmest point and shoot I own, placed in a pocket in my ski parka. Don’t bother with big cameras on the slopes. I also use my phone camera.

    Go with an old standby for your adventures – not a new camera where you’ll be fiddling with new-to-you buttons (in cold temperatures – frostbitten hands!).

    That said, if you can pick up a waterproof/shockproof camera, like the Olympus Tough, that would be small enough and work well for skiing, sledding, dogsledding, sleigh rides, ice skating… whatever other adventures you might enjoy!

    Re: spa. At least you’ll want to pack swim suits for the Jacuzzis at your condo or resort! Great for soothing sore muscles.

    Re: weather. Best to ask the Big Sky folks. It will be drier in the high altitude. Different snow and feel to the air than Minnesota.

    Re: injury. Everyone wear helmets! They are likely required for ski school.

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