Jun 14 2012

Town Ball

On Sunday afternoons this summer, if we don’t have out-of-town family plans, you’ll find two things on my itinerary.

  1. A nap.
  2. A trip to town to watch the ball game.

You see, our little town of less than a thousand people has its own baseball team.  Many small towns in Minnesota do, and amateur “town ball” is a popular summertime sport.

For us, it’s the perfect recipe for a Sunday afternoon.

  • The national anthem is played or sung by a local resident or group, starting the game off right.
  • We sit on green bleachers under a blue sky and cheer for our Reds, while catching up with friends and neighbors.
  • Children who don’t want to watch the game make new friends on the city park’s playground, right next to the left field fence.
  • Little kids chase foul balls and turn them in at the concession stand for the prize of a quarter (which is almost always in turn spent right there at the concession stand).
  • Local law enforcement stop by to keep an eye on things, though I suspect it may be more to keep an eye on the game than on any shenanigans that might be going on.
  • There’s no charge for admission, and a $2 concession stand allowance is enough for chips, a drink, AND some candy.

Sitting in the shade watching the home team has become one of our family’s favorite fun and free outings.

What is your favorite hometown activity?


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  1. JuiceBox2Go on 17 Jun 2012 at 4:49 pm

    Sounds like the perfect way to spend a beautiful afternoon! I’m kind of jealous!

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