Jun 09 2012

Ice Cream Days in Le Mars, Iowa

Small-town celebrations are always a lot of fun, a place for residents and visitors to gather to celebrate something that is cherished in the community or has made the city famous.  Henderson, Minnesota, has Sauerkraut Days, Minneota has Boxelder Bug Days, and Barnesville has Potato Days (complete with mashed potato eating AND sculpting contests).

While these communities embrace their respective claims to fame, their celebrated icons may not be universally loved.  Across the border in Le Mars, Iowa, however, there’s a community celebration that would be hard for most anyone to pass up:  Ice Cream Days.

Big Ice Cream Sunday

Le Mars is the home of Blue Bunny Ice Cream and is also known as the Ice Cream Capital of the World.  We visited the Blue Bunny Ice Cream Parlor and Museum in Le Mars several years ago, and since then our kids have been asking to return, especially to see the visitor center‘s new location.

When a representative of Blue Bunny Ice Cream invited our family to Le Mars for Ice Cream Days, we jumped at the chance.  My friend Jody from Family Rambling went last year and had a magnificent time with her family.

2012′s Ice Cream Days are June 13-16, so you can still make plans to attend if Le Mars is a comfortable drive for you.  I like that the Ice Cream Days parade is held at 9 a.m., before the heat of the day begins, and that the festivities wrap up on Saturday so we can enjoy Father’s Day with dear old dad.  Besides the parade, there are carnival games and arts and crafts for kids, a BMX/Motorcycle stunt team and R/C Airplane & Helicopter Fun Fly, arts events, historical presentations, and even maps of barn quilt routes available.

The best part, however, is seeing the ice cream cone notation on many of the events for the celebration, which means free Blue Bunny treats will be available.

Who wouldn’t want to celebrate that?

If you’d like to see more about Ice Cream Days in Le Mars, follow me on Facebook or Twitter, where I’ll be sharing scenes from our Ice Cream Days experience.

Disclosure: Blue Bunny is covering the cost of our family’s trip to Le Mars for Ice Cream Days.

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  1. Jody on 10 Jun 2012 at 6:54 am

    Have a great time, Linda! We loved that the carnival games were free for kids to play and the parade has yet to be matched for treats!

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