Oct 17 2011

Eating at Legoland Florida with or without Food Allergies

Amusement park food can be a tricky thing.  Finding that perfect combination of flavor and price, ambience and time, can be a bit of a trick sometimes.  I recently spent two days at Legoland Florida, tried many of the food options, and talked to Executive Chef Robert Sit about how the park helps guests with food allergies.

Counter-service restaurants and snack stands are located through Legoland Florida, so it’s certain that you’ll never have to walk far to find something to eat.  The biggest variety of foods is found in The Market Restaurant, which offers coffee and pastries in the morning, and grill and Asian items later in the day.  I found the chicken, vegetables, and potatoes to be done well, and the Asian Fusion items to be flavorful.

Kids’ meals at Legoland Florida come with fruit (usually apples or grapes) and water or milk (chocolate and strawberry offered in some locations).  If your kids want fries to eat, you’ll have to order them separately or as part of an adult meal, and there are no fries sold at The Market.

Pizza and pasta lovers may find the Pizza & Pasta Buffet to be their best bet.  This all-you-can-eat pizza, pasta, and salad buffet costs $10.99 for adults and $6.99 for kids, including Pepsi-branded fountain drinks that will cost $2.49 elsewhere in the park.

Legoland Florida takes pride in its locally sourced foods, so at Castle Burger and Cap’n Brickbeard’s Burgers you’ll find locally grown beef in the burgers.  At Castle Burger, I chose the salad, which was a basic lettuce salad with generous chunks of chicken, cheese, and tomatoes, and my friends shared some of their fries with me, which were very tasty.

I asked Chef Sit about the knowledge of food service employees when it comes to food allergies, and he showed me a binder they’ve developed that lists the top allergens in both safe lists and avoidance lists.  Guest Services personnel should also be able to provide this information to guests who call ahead of their visit.  Frying is done in canola oil.  Chef Sit also explained that people with dietary restrictions will be allowed to bring their own food into the park, and that he hopes in the future to be able to accommodate specific allergy requests, although that program has not yet been implemented.

The photo gallery below shows pictures of Legoland Florida food service menus as of the park’s opening day.  I hope you’ll find them to be useful as you plan your trip to Legoland Florida.


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Legoland Florida paid for my expenses to visit Florida for the grand opening of Legoland Florida.  I chose what to write and how to share the experience with my readers.

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  4. BookMama on 28 Dec 2011 at 10:29 pm

    Thanks for the great tips, as well as the specific info regarding individual eating choices.

    We ended up eating at the salad/pizza/pasta buffet. For four of us, it cost about $6 more than if we had gotten adult combo meals plus drinks, and kids’ meals elsewhere. But we all ate our fill, everyone had two drinks, we were able to have a plate of healthy salad, etc. Hubby and I both felt it was worth the money. (Relatively speaking, of course – $36 is a third of our weekly grocery budget for 5 people!)

    Hubby and both thought the apple fries were only OK – we got a lot of little pieces (the dregs of our batch, maybe?). They were good when they were super hot but they cooled quickly.

  5. Julie on 30 Sep 2012 at 7:18 am

    Thank you so much for posting these pics of the menu and prices. It has helped me decide what to do and where to eat when we go.. I wish more people would do this for parks.

  6. minnemom on 30 Sep 2012 at 7:22 am

    Julie, I’m glad it was helpful for you. Keep in mind that the prices are from a year ago, but at least you have a starting point.

    I, too, have been appreciative of others who have posted info like this for places I’m considering visiting.

    Enjoy your trip!


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