Oct 08 2011

Burgers and Root Beer at Fitz’s in St. Louis

Finding a new family-friendly restaurant while on vacation is always a treat, and we found a good one in St. Louis when visiting there last winter. It’s not new by any means, but it was a delight to find Fitz’s for some fresh-brewed soda and tasty burgers.

Fitz's Restaurant

Fitz's Restaurant in St. Louis

Located not far from the St. Louis Zoo, Science Center, and other Forest Park attractions, we headed to Fitz’s after visiting CityMuseum and found it in an area with many other restaurants and shops.

Our stop started out a bit rocky as the restaurant was busy and our promised wait time came and went. Once we were seated, however, service was efficient and the food was good. Our kids liked coloring on the menus and were excited to see their kids’ meals come in a box shaped like a classic car. The portions were plentiful with some unique offerings. Although I usually opt for something else, I chose one of the unique burgers on the menu and enjoyed it fully.

The biggest treat for the kids, however, was the fact that Fitz’s brews its own soda. First we taste tested various varieties like root beer, orange, and cream soda with our meals, and when we were done eating we moved to the back of the restaurant to watch the bottling in action.

Fitz's Bottling Line

Root beer bottling at Fitz's restaurant in St. Louis

Fitz’s is a classic St. Louis restaurant and has been voted one of the top family-friendly restaurants in the city. This is evidenced by its popularity. I recommend Fitz’s if you visit St. Louis with your family; just be sure you have something along to occupy the kids if there’s a wait for a table.

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3 Comments to “Burgers and Root Beer at Fitz’s in St. Louis”

  1. Kim McCaffrey on 10 Oct 2011 at 7:26 am

    :) Started singing the Lavern and Shirley song when I saw the second photo.

  2. Klara on 10 Oct 2011 at 12:16 pm

    omg real soda brewed on their own! i wish i could be there. the first time i drank real and good soda was in New Jersey, on a holiday with the family. in my country (germany) there aren’t any places like that. here you can only order some coke or juice. my next trip need to be in St.Louis, i think;)

  3. Shamis on 12 Oct 2011 at 4:52 am

    I love Root Beer and wish I was in St. Louis now :) It would be so neat to see everything in ‘action’ and how it is done. Really neat!

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