Jun 10 2011

Countdown to Mr. Bubble’s Bubble Bash

A few weeks ago, I wrote that our family had been invited to be guests of Mr. Bubble at his 50th birthday party at the Waterpark of America in Bloomington, Minnesota.

Since then, my kids have been counting the days, and today we arrived at the Radisson Bloomington, home of the Waterpark of America, for the party’s kickoff.

First things first:  Mr. Bubble’s birthday bash is tomorrow, June 11, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.  The public is welcome to attend; read more details.

If you can’t come to the party but live in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area, watch FOX9 news Saturday morning for some live scenes, or follow the #bubblebash hashtag on Twitter.

What I really want to write about today, however, is our room at the Radisson.

We’ve stayed in hotels around the country, where it’s often difficult to find a room that will sleep our family of six.  Most often, we find a “suite,” which is often a long room with a half-wall separating two beds from a sofa sleeper.  While adequate for our family, it’s not always ideal, as sofa sleepers aren’t the most comfortable or convenient places to sleep, even when you’re a kid.

Our room at the Radisson, however, has a design that I’ve only ever seen once before, at the CanadInns Polo Park in Winnipeg, Manitoba.  We thought it was genius at the time, and I haven’t changed my mind since then.

The bathroom is closest to the hallway, and the queen bed is at the far end of the room, and in between, where often there would be another queen bed, there’s a bunk room.

That’s right:  actual walls with actual bunks.  Four of them.  A dresser in the middle with four drawers.  Four nightlights.  And a TV for the kids in their own little room.

This is perfection for us.

Instead of the usual “she touched me” or “he took the covers” that we hear at bedtime, I had blissful quiet.

Our room overlooks the waterpark and the balcony rail is high enough and the bars close enough together that it doesn’t make me nervous to let the kids watch the waterpark action.  The balcony door doesn’t shut out all of the waterpark noise, but it does a better-than-decent job of it, and the waterpark hours don’t interfere with most adults’ sleeping schedules.

We have a full bathroom and then an additional sink area outside it, a mini fridge and microwave, and a table with three chairs in addition to the usual bed and side chair.  The room is spacious, with plenty of storage space.

There are plenty of power outlets in logical places, and free wi-fi in the rooms.

And it has one other touch that is so simple and useful, yet almost always overlooked:  pegs.

In the winter, these pegs would come in handy for hanging up coats, and for waterpark days, they’re great for hanging swimsuits to dry overnight.

Yes, I’m excited about the pegs, because usually we run out of room to hang six swimsuits in the bathtub, and they never dry there anyway.

We’ve stayed at the Radisson Bloomington before.  Once we had a room with a bed, sofabed, and two bunks, which also worked for our family but wasn’t as ideal or as fun as our current room.  The other time, my husband and I stayed on the night before a cruise with a park-and-fly rate; we enjoyed free shuttle service to the airport and our car was housed in the hotel’s heated underground parking garage while we were gone.  It was nice to come back after a week away without having to brush a bunch of snow off a freezing car.

The Radisson Bloomington is located near Mall of America and the MSP airport.  There are restaurants and a spa in the hotel, but for us, the main attraction is the waterpark.  My kids can’t wait to get their feet wet with Mr. Bubble tomorrow!

Our family received a complimentary stay and other gifts, courtesy of Mr. Bubble.


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