Apr 05 2011

Macy’s Flower Show: A Taste of Spring Comes to Minnesota

Before we saw the performance of Madagascar Live in downtown Minneapolis last weekend, we had time to head up to the 8th-floor auditorium in Dayton’s Macy’s and see the annual flower show.  This year’s theme is “Towers of Flowers” and there were towers–and flowers–everywhere.  The flower show runs through April 10.

First of all, logistics: The details about the flower show are on Macy’s website, but show hours are not listed.  We arrived shortly after the store opened at 9 a.m. Saturday, but when we arrived upstairs, the doors were closed.  A rumor in the audience was that it wasn’t supposed to open until 10 a.m., but because there was a long line formed already, they were trying to quickly water the plants and open early.  Whether or not this was true, the doors opened shortly before 9:30.  I’d recommend calling ahead to learn about the show’s hours, especially if you plan to go in the morning.

I wasn’t sure how four kids would react to a room full of flowers, but they were very interested in the different types of flowers, especially those that we don’t usually see in Minnesota, like blue orchids and cherry blossoms.  We wandered around and around until we were sure we’d seen everything, and posed in front of the Eiffel Tower cascading with flowers.

Photos of the show follow.  I’ll warn you that I’ve been told I’m just like my Grandma, taking lots of flower pictures.  I wished I’d had my DSLR along instead of my little point-and-shoot.  And after this taste of spring, I certainly hope we start to see some flowers popping up from the ground very, very soon.

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