Sep 22 2010

As Luck Would Have It

Lady Luck Casino wasn’t one of our planned vacation spots.  We’re not gamblers, so why would we stop at a casino?  That’s what we thought, until we left our campground in northeast Iowa, headed toward Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin, and were looking for a good breakfast spot with enough food that would tide us over in case we didn’t get lunch until late.

That’s when I remembered.  Casinos often have cheap buffets.  And, as Lady Luck would have it, she was along our route, just off Highway 20 in Marquette, Iowa.

We parked and went in and paid for our breakfast buffet (around $24 for the six of us; our youngest was free) and let the eating begin.  The kids were delighted to have hot chocolate to drink on a cool summer morning, and even more delighted to see that the ice cream machine was turned on.  (Yes, we did let them have ice cream for breakfast, after they ate something a little more breakfast-y first.)

Eggs made to order, meats, pastries, you name it–if it could be eaten for breakfast, it was on the buffet.  My son loved the chicken strips, and the fresh fruit was excellent.

The real treat, however, was the excellent service we received.  When I inquired as to the peanut-free status of a pastry item, one of the kitchen staff offered to make up a fresh one for my son, and personally delivered it to our table–with sprinkles.  She then told me that the nut topping for the ice cream was also peanut-free, and brought out the bag to prove it.  She was a former school lunch worker, and had experience with food allergies.  It was so nice to see someone who really understood and helped us navigate the food lines.

With our tummies full, we headed outside, and there, what should we find, but a huge pink elephant.  You know we like our really-big things, so this was a find that we really enjoyed.

Pink Elephant, Lady Luck Casino, Marquette, Iowa

Pink Elephant, Lady Luck Casino, Marquette, Iowa

Little did we know, this elephant has some history to it.  How many pink elephants do you know who have water-skiied for presidents?

Pinky the Pink Elephant History

Pinky the Pink Elephant History

I wished we’d had more time to explore the nearby communities of Marquette and McGregor, with their historic buildings and unique shops.  We’ll go back someday to see more.

But for now, we have memories of a good meal and photos of Pinky.  Who can complain about that?

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  1. Dominique on 22 Sep 2010 at 1:57 pm

    Too funny!
    I probably wouldn’t think of going to a casino for the same reason as you–we’re not gamblers (outside of the occasional easy pick Lotto ticket)–but maybe it’s time to rethink that and check out casinos for a cheap meal :)
    .-= Dominique´s last blog ..The Kalamazoo House- An urban B&ampB in southwest Michigan =-.

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