Mar 06 2010

Historic Marker: The Wallachei, New Ulm, MN

The Wallachei Historic Marker

The Wallachei Historic Marker

The Wallachei

This neighborhood dates back to the early days of New Ulm.  Oral history suggests the borders shown above.  The origin of the name “The Wallachei” is obscure.  The most likely translation is “low land horse pasture.”  Or, legend has it, Mr. Kraus had a horse named Walla.  Each morning he would send his son out to the barn with the instruction:  “Gibs” du Walla heu” (Give Walla hay).  There were a few large families, large gardens, numerous farm animals, flocks of chickens, and outdoor privies.  It was a tought, hard working neighborhood where outsiders were not always welcome.  There was a small grocery, mink ranch, and gravel pit, all anchored by the Hauenstein Brewery.  There was even a “Wallachei Clubhouse” to provide low-cost gemutlichkeit (fellowship).  German-Bohemian names predominated such as:  Hesse, Lamecker, Kagermeier, Prokosch, Wallner, and Wieland.  The character of the area began to change when it became built-up beginning in the 1950′s.  But its proud name endures.

Erected by:  Junior Pioneers of New Ulm and Vicinity; German-Bohemian Heritage Society; George L Glotzbach; and New Ulm Area Foundation.  2007

Located in South Park, New Ulm, Minnesota.

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  1. Barbara Stirling on 08 Mar 2010 at 8:28 am

    Nice job on Wallachei. Thank you. When my parents built their house on South Payne Street there was not much but fields beyond (the Wallachei area). I remember many days playing in the woods of the area and the walk to baseball diamond that the neighborhood kids created by the farm field. There was another house on the way on what is now Jefferson Street where we would pick apples and feed the horses pastured near there. I recently moved back to my hometown of New Ulm and, “once a Southsider, always a Southsider” — Wallachei Field Forever!
    Thanks, again, MinneMom!

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