Feb 06 2010

Historic Marker: Frank Erd Building in New Ulm, Minnesota

Frank Erd Building in New Ulm, Minnesota. Located on Minnesota Street between 1st N and 2nd N Streets, east side of street.

Frank Erd Building

Frank Erd Building

In 1860, Frank Erd built this two story building of brick and stone.  The lower floor housed, Erd’s mercantile business, the second floor provided space for County offices.  This original structure extended back from the sidewalk about twenty-five feet.

During the Battles of New Ulm in 1862, the substantial structure provided refuge for many women and children.  A keg of gun powder was placed in the basement of the building to be ignited should the Sioux capture the downtown area.  In charge of lighting the fuse was twenty-six year old Mary Schmitz Ryan.

A telescope placed on the flat roof of the building was used to observe the approach of the Sioux.

The building was purchased by Willibald Eibner in the 1880′s and used for many years as a restaurant and bakery.  It has been enlarged and remodeled several times.

Sponsored by Haus Messerschmidt and Brown County Historical Society

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