Jan 26 2010

Fun at The Works in Edina, Minnesota

As you may recall, a place doesn’t have to be huge or fancy for it to be one of our family’s favorites.  Many of the children’s museums and science museums we’ve liked the best have been relatively small and found in repurposed buildings.    The quality and variety of the exhibits is what impresses us.

We first visited The Works in Edina two years ago, and we’ve made four or five visits since then.  When we went on Halloween (children in costume were free that day), my five-year-old daughter said, “The Works is my favorite place to go.  Well . . . it’s my second-favorite.  My best friend’s house is my favorite. . . No, actually, The Works is my favorite.”  You can’t get much higher praise than that.

As a parent, I like that the exhibits are all in one area.  My kids can do whatever they want to do, and I can have my eye on all of them at once.  While one builds a K’nex car, another builds a castle, and someone else plays the harp.  They can each build on their own interests without waiting until the others are ready to move on.  With more than one child, this is a big deal.  Everyone is happy and learning at their own pace.

This short video showcases some of the (educational) fun that kids have at the museum.

The Works is located in the Edina Community Center, just off Highway 100 north of the Crosstown.  The best parking is in the Community Center’s “north” lot; then cross the street, go in the west door, and up to the 3rd floor.  Stash your coats in any available locker and follow the signs to the former classrooms that are now The Works.  Admission is $5 for ages 3 and up, but watch their website and Facebook page for special promotions and discounts.  They also now participate in the ASTC Passport program.  Hours are posted on the website.

Coming up on February 27 is Techfest.  Admission is free that day, and there are many special activities and science presentations throughout the day.  We attended last year and it was fabulous.

On a regular visit to The Works, we’re usually there an hour or two.  When there are special things going on, it’s easy to spend a lot more time there.

What is your favorite science museum? Why do you like it so well?


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