Jan 23 2010

Historic Marker: Frederick Forster Building in New Ulm, MN

Several of the downtown buildings in New Ulm are part of a walking tour and have markers such as these.

Frederick Forster Building, New Ulm

Frederick Forster, who conducted the New Ulm Pottery here with Francis Gommel, was also the Postmaster.  This building, used as a combined pottery works, Post Office and dwelling, was a very important defense outpost in 1862.

During the Second Battle of New Ulm, Henry Swift, future Governor of Minnesota, and about twenty men were assigned to defend this structure.

“A number of our men took possession of the brick Post Office…and loopholed it in all stories and through the roof, thus protecting quite a range on the rear of the town,” wrote Colonel Flandrau.

Even though the building was outside the barricaded area, the defenders were able to repulse all Indian advances and retained possession to the end of the fight.

This is one of the few buildings remaining from the time of the Uprising.  The exterior walls have been covered with stucco, but the building remains essentially unchanged.

Located on the west side of north Broadway, between 1st N St and 2nd N St., New Ulm, MN.

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