Jan 17 2010

Historic Marker: Two Battles of New Ulm

The Historic Marker “Two Battles of New Ulm” is located in front of the New Ulm Public Library and Minnesota Music Hall of Fame, near the corner of 1st North and Broadway in New Ulm, Minnesota.  Click on photo to go to Flickr, and see map on that page.

Two Battles of New Ulm

Two Battles of New Ulm

The first news of the Sioux Uprising was brought to New Ulm at noon on August 18, 1862, by survivors of a Civil War recruiting party that had been ambushed in Milford Township.  Barricades were hastily erected in a three-block area on Minnesota Street under Captain Jacob Nix’s command, and Henry Behnke was sent to St. Peter to ask for help.

The first attack on Tuesday, August 19, by about one hundred Indians was repulsed.  By the time of the major attack on August 23, some three hundred defenders had gathered, including volunteers from St. Peter, Mankato, and Le Sueur.  Judge Charles E. Flandrau of Traverse des Sioux was elected to command the desperate defense of the beleaguered town.  The battle raged all day and the outcome was often in doubt.  On Sunday the 24th, as reinforcements under E. St. Julien Cox appeared, the Sioux withdrew up the Minnesota Valley.

Faces with a shortage of food and ammunition, and threatened with disease, two thousand refugees from New Ulm were evacuated to Mankato on the 25th, without mishap.  Most of them returned shortly to rebuild the community.

Sponsored by the Brown County Historical Society, June 20, 1962.

This is a close-up of the map portion of the marker.

Two Battles of New Ulm

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