Dec 31 2009

Notes from the Road: Texas, Day 9

Happy New Year!  The beginning of 2010 also means that our vacation is coming to a close.  One more day of fun, and then we’ll head north, hopefully finding some interesting things along the way.

This morning we started by driving to downtown Austin.  We were a few minutes early for our planned museum stop, so we walked a few blocks to view the state capitol.  We got close enough to snap a few photos, and then headed to the Bob Bullock State History Museum.

Our Minnesota Historical Society membership netted us free admission, but we splurged on the “Big Texas” IMAX show.  While waiting for the show to start, we went into the museum galleries, where we were met by a friendly docent who talked us through the exhibit of the earliest inhabitants of Texas.  After the IMAX show, we continued through the museum, which is very well done.  I especially liked the small theaters throughout the museum that presented short films on various subjects.  Often, if my husband and I were still reading information in the exhibits, the kids could go ahead and watch one of the films until we got there.

Although there aren’t a lot of hands-on activities for the kids, we managed to spend four hours (including lunch in the cafe) in the museum.  It’s a beautiful place with a wealth of information.  Our kids declared that they prefer Minnesota’s history center with its Grainland climbing structure, but they also learned a lot at the Texas history museum.

From Austin, we headed west on 290 and then wound our way down through the small town of New Ulm, Texas.  This was a quirky thing to do since we live near the town of New Ulm, Minnesota.  Minnesota’s New Ulm is much bigger, but it was fun to see the other town of the same name.  It was also interesting to see the sign indicating the first German settlement in Texas, in 1931, in nearby Industry.

We got into Houston and didn’t fare too badly in the traffic.  Houston may not look so big on a map, but it certainly is sprawled out.  We stopped for supper at 5 p.m., not knowing if everything would be booked with New Year’s celebraters, but we walked right in to a restaurant and had a good meal.  From there we stopped at a grocery store for more bread and sandwich meat, and then headed to a New Year’s Eve church service.

After church, we had a 30-minute drive to Galveston.  The balcony in our room is supposed to have a view of the Gulf of Mexico, but we won’t know for sure until morning.  We’re set back a bit farther from the shoreline than I’d expected.

The kids all fell asleep on the drive here, so putting them to bed consisted of rousting them out of the car and into the room.  Hubby and I will turn in early as well.

A year ago were in the northeast U.S., and a year later we’ve traveled many miles and are in Texas.  It’s been a year of many adventures traveling with these kids of ours, and I’ve loved (almost) every minute of it.  We’ll see what 2010 has in store for us.  I hope you’ll continue reading about our adventures.

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  1. Carolina on 01 Jan 2010 at 1:15 pm

    Hope you got that gulf view. Happy New Year, and I’ll look forward to reading about all the 2010 Minnemom adventures.

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