Dec 20 2009

Historic Marker: Tri-State Marker (MN, IA, SD)

This marker lies at the intersection of the states of Minnesota, Iowa, and South Dakota.

Tri-State Marker

1859: Set at the junction of the states of Minnesota, Iowa, and Dakota Territory by the Federal Land Office survey of Minnesota’s western boundary.

Early 1900′s:  Removed after partial destruction by vandals.

1938:  Repaired and reset by adjacent counties at original site under direction of U. S. Department of Interior.

1979: Broken from base by vehicle traffic.

1980: Restored and relocated at this site by the county governments and historical societies of Lyon County, IA, Rock County, MN, and  Minnehaha County, SD.  Flush marker set at original location – 43 – 30′ N.L.

Dedicated to the pioneers of Siouxland this 26th day of October 1980.

Tri-State Marker

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