Sep 29 2009

Review of Tripflix DVD

There are a lot of things to see around the USA, but not everyone has the resources to travel widely. A DVD entitled TripFlix is an ingenious way for kids and adults alike to virtually travel to places like the Gateway Arch, Mount Rushmore, Coney Island, Space Camp, and more.


Kids love the antics of the two teenage character/narrators, but it’s not all fun and games. After watching this movie, my kids can tell me all about caves, gristmills, and landmarks around the country. They’re also begging to go to places like the “four corners” after learning about it on TripFlix.

The segments are organized geographically, and at the end of each segment is a trivia quiz about that area.

Want to see for yourself? Watch this Tripflix clip:

Find more videos like this on TripFLIX

We’ve enjoyed the TripFlix video for several months, and are hoping a sequel is produced with even more places to see in the U.S.

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