Sep 25 2009

Montana’s Big Sky Country

I’d heard Montana described as “Big Sky Country,” but it had been several years since I’d visited the state.  On our way to North Dakota’s Fort Union, however, we drove across the border to Montana so the kids could mark it off their states-visited list.

This is why they call it Big Sky Country.


We then returned to visit Fort Union, and found that the parking lot is in Montana, but the site itself is in North Dakota.  It was fun to walk back and forth across the state border and explain to the kids that half of their body was in the Central Time Zone and the other half in Mountain Time.

Fort Union Entering Montana

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  1. Peter West Carey on 25 Sep 2009 at 11:31 am

    Wow, that’s flat AND big! I’ve never been up to that part of Montana so thank you for the peek. And how much it must be to push your siblings back an hour! :)

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