Sep 21 2009

Juneberry Pie at Lunds Landing

Lunds Landing Sign

Juneberry Pie is one of those delicacies of summer in North Dakota that few other people know about.  Juneberries, in some places called “service berries,” grow wild on prickly bushes in coulees and pastures and have a fleeting season.  Some years are good, but others aren’t, so if there are berries found, they’re often whisked away to the freezer to enjoy a treat later in the year.

Dark purple in color, these pea-sized berries are best when put in pie.  Besides rhubarb pie from my mom’s friend Marcy’s recipe, Juneberry is my favorite.  And since we don’t have Juneberries here in southern Minnesota, it’s a real treat to have Juneberry Pie.

Imagine my delight, then, when I heard of a place in North Dakota that serves Juneberry Pie year-round.  At Lund’s Landing on the north shore of Lake Sakakawea, 22 miles east of Williston, homemade Juneberry Pie is on the menu any time of year.  Analene makes the pies from frozen berries gathered by her contacts from around the state.  And that’s not all she uses the berries for — I started my morning with Juneberry pancakes.  Yum!  Then I had dessert with my breakfast in the form of a slice of pie.  It was just as good as my mom’s–not better, but just as good–Mom and Analene must use the same recipe.

Lunds Landing Pie sign

Pie is available by the slice or by the whole pie.  Mail orders are currently not available, partly because it’s delicate and wouldn’t ship very well.  Therefore, if you want to try a piece of this delicious food, you’ll have to stop in to Lund’s Landing.

Lunds Landing building

Besides pie, Lund’s Landing has a full menu as well as recreational facilities available.   We took some time to wander the birding trails, and Analene and my son compared notes on their favorite birds.

Lunds Landing Lake Sakakawea

Lund’s Landing and its Juneberry Pie is yet another of the unique treats that can be found when traveling through North Dakota.  What others do you know about?

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  1. Annika Plummer on 22 Sep 2009 at 1:00 pm

    Juneberry pie is a family favorite of ours, too! I think my mom makes the best. We haven’t had good juneberries around our place lately – it comes and goes – but when it’s good, we absolutely get to work picking!

    Thanks for the nice post! Annika

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