Aug 14 2009

Notes from the Road: Madison and Wisconsin Dells, Day 1

We’re off on our Country Inns and Suites vacation to Wisconsin.  Usually we head out on a trip first thing in the morning, but the kids had dental appointments scheduled so it was nearly 10:30 before we were off.  We drove an hour, had lunch, and thing heade into Minneapolis to visit Minnehaha Falls, one of the recommended stops on the Streams and Shores itinerary.  For all the things we’ve done in Minneapolis, we hadn’t yet taken the kids to the Falls.  It was beautiful, and we saw it from many different angles.

Then it was off to Wisconsin Dells.  After a quick bite to eat, we headed over to the Original Wisconsin Ducks.  These World War II-era vehicles operate on land and sea, so our tour took us through the woods and onto the water.  We all enjoyed the ride, but the “cheesy” (yes, this is Wisconsin, and that’s the caliber of the joked along the way) humor on the tour left the kids with blank looks on their faces.

We headed over to Pirate’s Cover, where they have 90 holes of mini golf.  We split up, and each group hit a different 18-hole course.  It was a nice evening once the light rain stopped, and it’s a well-kept-up course.

In the Dells, we used the savings card that comes with this year’s visitor packet.  With it, kids are free with purchase of adult admissions.  It will be a big money-saver on this trip.  It’s only good for a few more weeks, but if you’re heading to Wisconsin Dells this summer, be sure to get one of these cards.

Our trip to Madison had a little excitement when we were pulled over for driving without our headlights on.  This took us both by surprise, since our headlights are always on.  Then I realized we’d had service done on the van this week, and the setting must have been changed.  The officer sent us on our way with a warning, and it was a learning situation for the kids to see that the police are looking out for our safety, and how to behave if the police do pull you over.

I’ll write in detail later about the Country Inn & Suites, but for now I’ll say it’s going to be a pretty nice home away from home for our stay.  There may be a mom sneaking down for cookies every night after the kids are in bed.  :-)

Off to start our next day of fun!


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