May 30 2009

LARK Toys in Kellogg, Minnesota

Once in a while we find a place unique enough that it’s worth a special three-hour drive every few years.  LARK Toys in Kellogg, MN, is one of those places.

LARK Toys is a toy store, but so much more.

Let’s start with the toy store aspect.  Unlike Toys R Us or any discount retailers, you’ll find very few character-themed toys at LARK.  Nor will you find a lot of toys that operate on batteries.  Instead, you’ll find unique toys that inspire imagination and thinking and real play, and some of the toys you played with as a child and didn’t know still existed (Tickle Bee, anyone?).  Over the years, I’ve bought many unique toys at LARK Toys.  Our toy purchase this time consisted of a chess set for our six-year-old that included a book and a guide to the various pieces’ moves right on the board.

Lark Toys store

The bookstore area is always a treat to visit; it carries high-quality children’s and local-interest books.  My eight-year-old was delighted to come home with a Minnesota wildflower field guide after this visit.

Down the hall, there’s a toy museum of sorts, with displays of vintage toys lining the walls.

Lark Toys museum

Then there’s a candy shop and concession area before the store’s crowning jewel, a beautiful hand-carved carousel.  Carousel rides are given every half-hour and cost $1 apiece.

Lark Toys carousel rooster

During the summer months, an 18-hole miniature golf course is also open.  This is a well-designed and well-made golf course.

Lark Toys mini golf

LARK Toys is a family-friendly destination where you can easily spend a few hours.  Concessions include a lunch menu and ice cream, so you can make a day of it if you wish.  Once you visit LARK Toys, you’ll be sure to return.


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  2. Corey Donovan on 28 Mar 2010 at 10:18 am

    Took my kids (12 and 3) for a day trip to Wabasha and stopped in at Lark. We planned to be there for maybe 30 minutes, but spent over 3 hours there before “having” to leave to get to the Eagle Center before it closed. The 12yo even admitted it was the best toy store ever and he doesn’t easily hand out praise. The 3yo was in heaven.

    What a hidden gem!

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