Dec 21 2008

Notes from the Road, Day 2

On Day 2 we learned that several states need to make their state name much more visible and readable on their license plates or it’s really difficult to play the license plate game!  We found at least 31 states along the route, but there were a few we couldn’t be sure about so we didn’t count them.

We also remembered why it is that we like to travel with the kids.  We left our hotel at 7:30 a.m. and didn’t stop until lunch at 11:30.  Then back in the car by 12, and stopped for supper 4.5 hours later.  We allowed one small snack and no drinks in the car.  That may sound cruel, but it eliminated the need for emergency stops.  Just before we stopped for supper, we commented that the boys had not argued about anything along the way, and only one of the girls had a fussy period when her sticker book wasn’t working.  Otherwise, those first two legs of the trip went well with books and songs on the radio.  I still haven’t pulled out the binders of activities for the kids.

The last hour, after supper when it was dark, everyone got a little excitable, but I think the kids were mostly excited about being close to our destination.  (Besides, the last hour of the day, whether a 2-hour or 10-hour trip, always seems to be that way for my kids.)

It was exactly 32 degrees the whole way across Indiana, and we managed to outrun the storm once again.  We arrived at Columbus, checked in at our hotel, and then it started snowing.  We found our way around enough to meet our new niece and visit for a little while before heading back to our beds.

So far, so good on the being flexible part of our vacation!

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