Dec 05 2008

Looking for a Big Loon

Not so long ago, we made a trip to Minnesota’s Iron Range.  We spent time in Hibbing and Eveleth and Virginia.

And then we came home.

As I was researching more places to go, I came across something.  Something that I missed while we were right there in Virginia:  the World’s Largest Loon.

I don’t anticipate returning to Virginia soon, so I’m asking for your help.  Do you happen have a photo of the loon that you’d be willing to have posted on Travels with Children?  I’d love to add it to the collection of “big” things like the Hockey Stick in Eveleth, the Prairie Chicken in Rothsay (coming soon), and so on.

Will you help me?

Update:  Northern Cheapskate found a loon picture for me!  Thanks!

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