Jan 30 2008

The Duluth Depot in Duluth, MN

Duluth Depot

Lake Superior Railroad Museum at The Duluth Depot

St. Louis County Heritage and Art Center, 506 West Michigan St., Duluth, MN.  218-727-8025.  www. duluthdepot.org
Admission includes railroad museum, children’s museum, and two other museums:  $10 age 13+, $5.50 ages 3-13, 2 and under free.  AAA discount.  ACM membership reciprocity.  Stroller accessible.  Restrooms available.

As you may have gathered, I have a couple of boys who really like trains, so if we can find a train museum, they’re always happy to stop.  The benefit of the train museum in Duluth is that it’s in the same building as the children’s museum, so we could see two different things with one stop.

Although there are a few small model railroads on display, this museum has actual trains that you go on.  From engines to the mail car to the dining car to the snowplow, you can actually check out real trains.  This was a big deal to the kids, and my husband enjoyed seeing the real trains as well and learning the history of the railroads in Minnesota.

With the combination of trains and a children’s museum, the Depot is a must-see stop if you’re visiting Duluth with young kids.

Duluth Depot

I liked that place.  It was really fun.  It had a lot of trains and even some trains that people could ride on.  That place was so cool that I wanted to stay there until the season was done.

I really liked the trains.

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  1. Carrie on 06 Sep 2008 at 3:19 pm

    Whatever you do, if you take young children with you do not let them out of your sight for a single moment. The museum staff is not very tolerant and will not hesitate to reprimand them in a not so nice way. Obviously, this happened to us when each of us thought the kids were with the other, and when I complained, I got an equally intolerant response. Although the museum was interesting it, is not a place for kids under 10. Too many tantalizing trains that are for looking at only.

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